Surface Finishes

This section is primarily concerned with the internal finish of your green oak frame.

There are several options to consider here. Samples are available on request and visits to our previous projects can be arranged.

Sand blasted finish

Timber arrives in our yard with a band-sawn finish, rough and undulating. The frames are then jointed and 'dry' fitted in our workshop in preparation for transport and erection on site. Inevitably during manufacture and erection the frame will gather dirty marks and water staining. Once the building has been made watertight it is ready for blasting. Sand blasting will thoroughly scour the timber leaving a fairly coarse finish. The process removes the softer summer growth rings to reveal the harder winter growth. Of utmost importance here is the use of a non-ferrous material such as crushed glass or olivine.
We can put clients in touch with a trusted firm we have used before to avoid any such mishaps.

Planed Finishes

The timber is planed to remove saw marks and other surface blemishes giving a smooth finish and exposing the true beauty of the wood. The frame is then jointed, raised and made weather tight. Two options to clean the frame are recommended here.

The first is to sand blast the frame. Sand blasting an already planed frame gives a smoother, finer finish to the timber than blasting a rough-sawn frame.

The Second option is for our team to clean the frame with sanders and oxalic acid at a suitable point in the build. This generally occurs near completion once the walls have been plastered. This method maintains a very smooth and clean finish.

Oiled Finishes

As it seasons, green oak will start to show splits and shakes inherent in the timber which lends so much character to the frames. Although by no means a way of stopping this process oiling an oak frame will slow the rate at which the timber dries out reducing the effects, and of course provides a finish of a different tone and sheen to wood left in its natural state. This involves each individual being timber oiled with at least two coats in our workshops prior to raising. This protects the frames from water staining prior to the roof going on.
We will then return to site to clean and re-oil the frame at an agreed time generally nearing completion.
Of course there are many different products on the market offering a wide range of finishes. We are happy to recommend, advise and provide samples.

External Finishes

Being extremely durable oak can be left untreated externally to turn a beautiful silvery grey, blending into its surroundings. Generally speaking this would apply to exposed oak elements such as verandas, balconies and external oak cladding with much of a modern oak frame exposed only internally.