Glazing Oak Frames

Glazed oak frames are now increasingly popular as they as they create an attractive light and spacious feel to any building.

The relationship between a natural product like green oak that will shrink and move as it dries out and a rigid and unforgiving material like glass has in the past proved problematic. We now offer two different methods of glazing oak frames that are both time tested and offer high levels of performance in keeping the weather out.

Direct glazing

The double glazed units are planted on to the outside face of the oak frame, resting on batons. Seasoned Oak cover boards are then fixed over the glass and batons with rubberised gasket on both sides of the glass to soak up movement in the timbers. Screw holes are then plugged to provide a seam-less finish.

Rebated Glazing

As the name suggests this method involves cutting a rebate in the external face of the oak frame. This step is carried out while the frame is laid out in the workshop. Once erected the double glazed units are placed in to the rebates using a system of soft rubber packers and a wide bead of silicone to take any movement in the timber. Units are fixed with security glazing tape and a seasoned oak bead to give a clean and steady finish.

Both systems are highly effective and price comparable. This really comes down to an aesthetic choice between the two completed finishes.