Forest School / Eco Classrooms

Alba Green Oak Frames and Low Carbon Studio are working together to design a place where children can play and learn. The space is designed to be environmentally friendly.

    • It can be one or two storeys like a tree house class room or studio space.
    • A fun space for learning, playing or working in a forest/woodland
    • Sits amongst trees, treads lightly on woodland with no or minimal removal of trees
    • Quick & easy to install pre-fabricated oak or douglas fir frame and insulated wall, floor & roof panels
    • The space is adaptable and could be used by schools, clubs of all age ranges.
    • WC/shower - The space can have toilets which could be composting if it can’t be connected to the public sewer
    • Services - Water supply for a sink drained to a soak away
    • Electrics and data sockets

      Low Energy features
    • Passive solar design - south facing to maximise sunlight.
    • Super insulated prefabricated walls, roof & floor.
    • Triple glazed windows/doors.
    • Local recyclable materials.
    • Treads lightly on environment.
    • Low energy heating & lighting.
    • Natural ventilation and lighting.
    • Heating - options include solar heating or air source heat pump

    • The price range depends on size and specification but would typically be £35k-£75k

      Most importantly, it's a place where children can learn about and have fun with the environment.